Saturday, October 29, 2005


isit a guy?? Or a Gal???
lol.. its "unisex"!!!
I can find comfort in him.
Find my ideal self in her!
She will be my partner for the next many more years to come!
Will be my great sports buddy when I head to the beach!

My fair lady (well, not so fair though...)at dinner galas and events!

Image hosted by

Small in size, but Ferocious!

she spots a nice butt too!Image hosted by

More of her "butt"! Gorgeous!?? lolImage hosted by

Another gorgeous physical asset!
That look in his "eyes"!!! Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The club to be proud of!

How can i forget to strut off the Islander decal!!
Island Life, Love IT!!
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And now, for the Cosmetic detailings so far... Stickers a.k.a "tattoos" for my baby!!!

Who's Peeing??? hehe
Image hosted by stickers on the window, and ASTRO BOY @ the Fuel Cap to give my Baby more "Power!" lol.. *lame*
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soon, some wordings will run across the side body of my baby... Guess what it will be?? Here's my Baby for u!
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p.s. Note the Car Plate no... ideal huh?? too Bad its still non-existent in S'pore! lol


Anonymous said...
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BabeThePig said...


esdee said...

WAH SEY!!! BEautiful sia! IT's rounder than the previous look ... nicer leh. Kekek ... take photos again when you paste the new stickers hor!!! Swee Swee!!!

One^Life said...

yeah yeah...!!
will be putting up an "artiste impression" of my up-coming Sticker project.. REalll soon..
akan Datang!