Thursday, November 03, 2005

Arrghh...! W.T.F.!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFeeling: Pissed-off

Needed to get it off my Chest. So damn pissed-off yesterday night...
"Come straight to the point and stopped beating round the bush trying to imply something!"
Sorry Lady, I Dont KNOW HOW to catch "Hidden Meanings".
Just tell me straight in my face, and stop making it sounds so "Nice" and preserve ur 'Good" image.

Want to throw me the jobs, find that i am too "free", then go ahead, shift all these task to me lah! U think i care? U think i bother? U think I can't handle?
Since YOU dont want to say it straight, then i SHALL Act Blur lor! You Don't Say, I won't go and volunteer.

I rather keep myself busy with other sections' job by helping them out!
Wanna play a game of Tug of War and "Hinting" games? Comm'on, Let's pit against our "Hypocritical" Skills, try me.. Get on my nerve, and i show u the other side of me. I didn live my 25 years in vain.

F***-ing pissed off by hypocritical people. 含沙射影。Giving people the impression you are a Saint? F**K IT!

Spoilt my whole damn night after getting off at 10. Ended up, the first call i received from my fren (Charlie) after i knocked off, and he kena a scolding from me for no reason. Just becos i ws so damn "hot" at that moment tat i can rail at anyone.
Paiseh huh Charlie! Apologise again.
Fortunately, not much people called that night, else i will be offending lotsa frens...

Well, to cool things down abit, let's side-track...
Be Contended With What we have!

Currently one of my fave song now...

怎么去拥有一道彩虹 怎么去拥抱一夏天的风天

上的星星 笑地上的人 总是不能懂 不能知道足够

如果我爱上你的笑容 要怎么收藏 要怎么拥有

如果你快乐不是为我 会不会放手 其实才是拥有

当一阵风吹来 风筝飞上天空
为了你而祈祷 而祝福 而感动

终于你身影消失在人海尽头 才发现笑着哭 最痛

那天你和我 那个山丘 那样的唱着
那一年的歌 那样的回忆 那么足够

足够我天天都品尝着寂寞 才发现笑着哭最痛

如果你快乐再不是为我 知足的快乐叫我忍受心痛

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