Saturday, October 07, 2006

So far, So good..

Being in my new job for almost 2 monthsle.

1st month in London was alright..
meaning, uneventfukl, just liek everyday work.
Wake up , go to work, knock off, dinner, sleep...

felt the real "Impact" only when work starts in teh S'pore Office and takes on teh lOndon shift...

Coming in to work in the late noon feels good..
gets to run more errands, sleep longer hours everyday!

But the fact of "burning midnight oil" is really detrimental to the health...

So must stock up on Manuka Honey, probably Bird's nest , work out more often, and maybe considering pampering oneself with appointments to facial sp aand increase diet of anti-oxidant products?

Cos it sounds kinda scary how keeping late nights can speed up the ageing effect!!!!!
oh no, does that mean it's tiem to hit the Robinson and Metro to shop for Bio-therm? Neugeno? Origins? Nivea? Zeith?
No wonder they pay us allowances for shift work....

Well, above all, still like my job so far... working hours are reasonable, an believed will get better... heheh

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