Sunday, March 25, 2007

Penang Hiatus

It started with an 8 hrs drive on a Kia 2.0 Naza 6 seater.
Its fun driving up, in a wagon, 6 of us chatting along teh wy, the whole vehicle compartment belongs to us, snacks and drinks, stopover for as long as we desire at the rest station along the highway.
A great drive up north for a beach resort get-away.
Not the ideal beach front, but definitely a worthwhile trip!
nice beach hotel at really affordable rate!
its at Batu Ferringhi , Penang.
10-15mins drive up teh endless meandering hill slope, and wala!!
That place springs to life with resort goers, shops, pubs, and stretch of "Pasar-malam" that sells apparrels cheaper than Bangkok!
Pratically spent our afternoon routine with vball, pool "game" and just lying on deck chairs sunbathing the day away..
Thats almost one dream fulfilled...!
Evening are spent in Penang downtown, the infamous "Gurney Drive" and also you can find nice and not so exp seafood along the stretch, if you bother to go abit further along the drive....
Colourful lightings above ur head, abit hot, but packs a great variety of local delights!
And its always worth the while to travel on foot and explore alleys near shopping complex, and you are bound to find nice local eateries at really low low price... places not "exploited" by the everyday tourist...
I believe I will return there again....
A small town, a peaceful town, a wonderful state...
Next stop,
Ohio Gozaimas! Jipon!

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