Sunday, July 29, 2007


Heyhey, who says the blogging wave is over...

Here i am to revive my good old blog....

What should i Blog abt.. hmmm....

Still happy with life, kinda satified with work (though it can get much better with higher monetary rewards), time for myself and what else, sports and HOLIDAYS!

Ok, after like living 15 years behind lenses, I can finally and proudly cast my lenses and specs aside, and "Hello....!" near 6/6 eyesight!!!
Yeah, such feeling is so wonderful, wonderful , and wonderful!
No more hassle "fighting" with lenses on my palm, no more dry eyes, No more cumbersome specs!
I loved the technology advancement!

Still very much dedicated to my rowing team, though some unhappiness and "mismanagemnt" issues that took place recently,. Hope all this will lay to rest very soon, and the team can restart on a new footage.

Gonna keep this short,
check out my revisit on video editing for the above team....

Next update, after My JAPAN Trip in AUGUST..>!!!

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