Sunday, September 06, 2009

Do's and Don'ts (on-Road/off-road)

No.1 thing that drivers dislike, is having a passenger that tells you "Turn Right/left NOW"
For good-ness sake, try being behind the wheel, and get last minute "orders"

Even F1 driver can't make a quick turn withing split seconds. And please, the road is not yours alone, even when you want to make a last minute turn, you have to be mindful of car, beside , behind(yes, behind you) and oppposite!

Its not like pedestrain ok, want to turn left the turn left, want to turn right straight away "ka-kana pusing"...

And also seriously, personally, when a driver turn up the volume of his favourite songs on teh radio/sound system, it means he/she PREFER to listen to the song then to hear your talk..
So, please dont try to beat the volume of the radio/mp3 by speaking even Louder....

I wonder, how do you break a conversation when it gets stagnant, in the case when a coffee / talk-cock / catch up session started to develop into a "pour-your-work-grudege" and "business-lingo" onto the ocffee table session..

Err..., if its a casual catchup session, please put your work related topic at home, or lock it up in the office.
Everyone had enough of work related topics at least 8hrs-a-day, 5-days a week..
Would appreciate if its really more on silly topics and light-hearted issue...
unless of cos you are in a bitchy profession and lotsa gossip to share, then by all means...!

People should have the courtesy and be mindful of what to say depending on the company and the purpose of a "coffee/catch-up session".
I am not meeting an insurance agent, so dont need to talk about "Money-mind" stuffs....

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