Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I dont blog only when I'm troubled.
But I blog when I am troubled.

Came quite suddent to me.
Sounded like a hard to come by opportunity, grab it fast or lose it..

Not sure if I am ready, and not sure if it would be a bad move.

Still I decided to go for it.
Nothing to lose.

4 years back, i decided to shut myself from the outside social world, and live in my own bubble, so I took up the grave-yard shift.
Social life dont mean anything to me then.

2 years later, Decided to come out of the bubble, and embrace the sunlight, and the abundance of social networking.

Almost 2 years later, today, it dawned on me, I have nothing to lose to be en-capsuled by the bubble again, if the worst turns out to be.

work become the only social life. Live to work, earn that bucks, and decide later how to spend that.
Be realistic, the rest are just "过眼云烟”

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