Sunday, August 07, 2005

Stupid Sunday!

Half a precious sunday gone....
All becos have to go Back to Office and do cleaner's job, and labourer's job...
Gone back to "hook-up" telephones lines, attaching power points for the department, all because of a big scale shifting taking place in the department, in order to accomodate more staffs...

what the heck... these are not our jobs lor.. wiring up Telephone lines that have been unplugged due to the moval..
What are the IT people for? What are the G.A. Department for??
On top of that, still have to CLEAN the tables that were dirtired due to the moving of eauipments!
5 hrs spent doing all these rubbish!

Only managed to spend 2 hr at sunset bay before rushing down to do all these "stupid" jobs when the relevant Depts just couldn't be bothered to do. And the weather is SO DAMMNNN GOOD today!!!

Adding on to the confusion was when the moval staff took off all the stickers label after they did a BIG scale 乾坤大魔移!!!
And it doesn't helped when my HOD was so indecisive.

ARGGHHH... Stupid SUNDAY! @#!%$*^

Well, to make me feel happier, shall turn my mind to something that has been making me all excited for the past week(s)...

hmmm... which colours appeal more??

Potomac Blue ---------------------Green Bean

Hiphop red--------- --------------- Lilac Blue

shit..., i'm so undecided yet again...
Blue? Green?

P.S. Anyone whohave frens/relatives in Financing Company or car dealers, who can offer competitive rates, PLEASE Let Me know!!
Thank You! Terimah Kasih! 谢谢!


Anonymous said...

yongzhi!!!!! are you buying a car???

anyway, i voting for RED!!!!!


One^Life said...

---> wenhui

seriously planning to..
in the midst of doing budget planning 预算案, info gathering and car-hunting...

if everything goes well...
I can fulfil a small deam ler!!

esdee said...

I'm voting for the darker blue!! my fave! But then it's up to your likes!

One^Life said...

---> Esdee

Hey! Same taste! I also loved the dark blue one! but too bad... some constraint... read abt it in my blog after this...


Anonymous said...

hi bro... i also owner of hyundai getz lah the way, i have a car dealer who can offer u a better rates lah. .get back to me can at Azmir


One^Life said...

---> Mr Azmir
thanks for the offer..
too bad it came too late..
arrghh.. cos i already got my order for the new face lift 1.4L getz..
should collect in october..