Saturday, August 06, 2005


The past week had been rather interesting in my job.
Cos i Finally got passed my Probation period of 1 YEAR and became an OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED Staff of the company!!!

YEAAH!!!! This means I finally have the authorithy and power to approve & verify transactions!!! Now it feels more like i am working and not like an intern kid...

Ok, one thing been puzzling me...
Human mind is sooooo fickle-minded... They never stick to what they say.

Real life example:
People around u will start persuading and encourages u to get a car.

And when u replied that u are seriously/really considering on getting a car, the response will be:
"huh??!! ARE u Serious? It's no use to get a Car! SO expensive"
"Not worth It!"
"You can't be serious, are u??"
"don't be mad, get a car???"

hmm.. these reaction surely doesn't match those words of encouragment and persuausion prior to the "announcement" of the decision..
Sigh.. are human mind so fickle-minded? they dont mean what they say..??
*tsk* , *tsk*, *tsk*

Well, i believed in living life to the fullest. you never know what could happen the very next moment.
Do what you think makes you happy. enjoy life while at your prime.
Why do we slog so hard?
so that we can enjoy life in the future?

And when we slogged hard enuff to accumulate a fortune, you realised that you are no longer in your prime. You have passed your stage of having fun, looking good, feeling energetic.
Are you happy then?

You have lost ur interest in things you have always wanted to do during those times.

You look back.

But you can't turn back time.

You can' t live your life all over again

What's the worst thing in life?
Somebody tells me, its when you have no more money and still havent die.
But i retorted back.
Its when you are about to die, and realised you have too much money that you can't/have nowhere to spend. You have not had your hye-days in your prime...

Hmm... which one leh....??

Sleek and beautiful.

Sports car design with rounded smooth edges.

Interior comfortably spacious.

"Short" Bonnet and car boot ideal for parking and "cutting" lanes.. lol

Price: Affordable. You wont believeprices can go so low....

One of the relatively lower priced cars around with sleek design and capacity.

Simply loved the design, especially the sports car-like design.

drool on it!


The cheapest Hatch-back in town, with close resemblance to high-end Mitsubishi Colt, HONDA JAZZ and Toyota VITz.

Hatch-back cars are the popular choice recently...

High "Ceiling" especially suitable for tall people...

Compact and flushed car boot makes it even easier for parking. especially parallel parking.

Cheaper than a TOYOTA VIOS by over $10K plus!!

Gorgeous Babe!!

Whichever car/model/make it's gonna be, i must make sure its a choice of STRIKING COLOUR! BRIGHT RED, BRIGHT YELLOW, BRIGHT GREEN, BRIGHT BLUE, BRIGHT ORANGE! OR at the very least minimal, a Shiny BLACK.

My frens, which would you choose??
I need feedbacks. Lotsa it...
(p.s. ermm. minus the response of discouragment... thank you.. hehe)

*~*~* I just wan to fulfill a small dream and achieve a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment of owning something i can truly called my own... in my prime, and not jeopardising my future livelihood~*~*~

Price of a car: >40K
Sense of achievement & satisfaction: Priceless.


BabeThePig said...

I would pick the Vios.. but I think you should take the Getz.. hmm Vios look tooo... *tied down unavailable family type*... lol

One^Life said...

hmm... great point there...
vios potray that kinda "feel"? tghought it should potray carefree and adventurous "feel". haha

arrgghh.. adding on to my dilemma.. lol

Anonymous said...

Get the Getz! and i support bright beng blue or orange!!! must be BENG blue..u noe what i mean rite? and u have my wholehearted support to buy a car!!u can have fun driving us license-less/car-less people ard! we can have more gatherings and makan sessions! i will even offer to pay for parking! yipee!

One^Life said...

---> fifi

haha.. great! i will make sure i have u on my car next time when i need to park at "expensive carparks".. lol

Anonymous said...

the only thing i know is u r very rich...mama....:)

One^Life said...

---> Anonymous
oh uh...
That's where u are wrong.I am not rich or well to do at all lor. and not earning big bucks either.

Its all a matter of whether one is willing to spend on it. Some people can spend hundereds/thousands on electronic products, clothings, fashion,(MONTHLY) but don't really feel the pinch.

If it's spent on something u really like/love, you will know it's wroth it even if you need to scrimp & save on other expenses..

Still sticking to my "Motto",
---> One LiFe, LIVE IT
don't look back with regrets...