Sunday, July 23, 2006

2 out of 7 (Part one - 5/7)

Qns: "How's Life?"

Ans: "Well..., Life's great and fun for 2 Days in a Week, and sucks for the rest of the 5 days"

So this is the Life update for the horrid 5 days,...

Shitty workplace..
the world Cup season is over, and it just started in my workplace.

yes, barely 4 moths after being "kicked" to a "hell" and when things start to turn "heaven",
I was kicked to another "Hell" again... ~!!#$%^~*

Dont take me for a saviour.
Lousy place.
They need people there, so there u go.
And yes, sorry to tell u, u dont have a choice...


1 comment:

ecookie said...

i agree that workplace can be a sucky place! i hate mine too!

but jia you and cheer up!