Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm glued to the TV every monday from 8pm to 9pm. and the results at 11:30pm!

Cos its the 非常SuperBand Quaterfinls!

Didnt really take note of the show until 3 weeks ago, and currently, my fave band is MILO PENG!
a.ka. Mi Lu Bing a.k.a Lost Soldiers, a.k.a. 迷路兵

Young talented trio.

Very very creative and talented!

The lead singer has a very unqiue voice that you would never imgaine came from him!
The drummer is cool too!
Only in their teens, yet their music is really Cooll!!!!!

I just hope a particular "flowered" face team will be "voted" out tonight. They really get on my nerves...
Their gigs are really damn irritating....
and the flowered face is really extremely, highly redundant!
Let them be out tonight... *pray* *pray*...

今日的组合 明日的天团! ---〉迷路兵!

See how a guitar turns into a chinese Pipa!!!
QF8- 甜蜜蜜

A slow number. Very very nice! The 鼓手 turns lead singer for this show!

one that showcase their talents.

a comical performance, but very well done!

This one very 劲爆!!

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