Thursday, June 15, 2006

D.S.S. (Part 2)

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The Fundamentals of Volleyball.

It was a great experience after years of break from serious competitive volleyball.
Although we came in fourth, it was nevertheless a great fight.
Am looking forward to more of such competitions in future after having establishing a "network" of volleyball teams.

That means, its also time for us to train seriously, train like the pros... haha... but where to find an experience coach?? hmmmm.....

Gearing up for upcoming beach vball competition in 2 weeks time.. must train hard and give my best ! in fact, there's gonna be a total of 3 different beach vball competitions coming up over the next 1 month! COOOOOOOL!!!!

some other great shots.
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Something to share, though its kinda "OffTopic", but who cares... its my BLOG! hahaah

Check out the links....

阿桑 - 叶子 (MV)
This would be more on the touching story as compared to the one below...

梁静如 - 可惜不是 (MV)
Story so "Ai Wan"-in hokkien (哀怨)

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