Wednesday, June 07, 2006

D.S.S. (part one)

Feeling: Jubilee

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A.k.a. Dig, Set, Spike

It was a great game.
One that I have not experienced for years...

the Jubilation of triumph over an organised team,(2-1) and to sweat it all out with dives and saves against the more experienced and skillful opponents (0-2), which ironically happens to be the team whom i started out learning vball with!

I have nvr run that hard, til i can "hear"my legs muscle tellng me "slow down my fren...."

next week, we will be back, better i'm sure.
we may be small in size, no fanciful patterns, but we pack power!!

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p.s. there's a VERY valid reason for donning that shades in the pic.. trust me, no one will want to see me in the pic w/o that "concealment"....

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