Sunday, January 28, 2007


This particular entry revolves around my work .... more or less...

hmm.. Wonder if the below particular scenario sounds common to most people..
Someone met you on the street and call out to you, but the problem is... you can't attached a name to the face...

And the worst part is...., you don't seem to recognise the person at all!!
that happens to me, when in the lift to my workplace, a lady entered the same lift, called out to me and say "hi"
So , I say "hi!", naturally..

But the "processor" in my head kept on running at maximum speed, trying its very best to retrieve the "data" from the back of my brain... but it fails. =(
conversation continues with still a Big "??" hanging on top of my head.

Finally, the lift reached my floor, got out, and still trying to remember....
The best part is, 2 weeks later, this gal has joined the same company as me!
She came to my desk and say hi again...

"Oh My god....., Why I still couldn't remember her,.."

Wouldn't it be very rude if after so long, i suddenly pop the question, "err... sorry huh, but what is your name??"
Tried recalling from my Hall life, Coursemates, JC, Secondary..... Still no trace...!!
Now my only chance is to wait for the HR monthly e-mail announcing the new joiners name... Maybe by then, i can finally make out who she is....

"What if I stil can't identify her??!!""
I'm certain I had never suffered from amnesia before.... oh no..... This is bad.....Is that teh first sign of aging...?

shall slowly make out on that point./...

The theme for my coy's DnD next week...
With my Private limited knowledge of English, all I can attached to the theme is 'MASK"!

So there i go, hunting for a MASK, a half-face mask to be precise at Spotlight.
and Conincidentally or not, the shelf was cleard of the particular ones i was looking for, and the service staff says someone bought all 98 of them off the shelf yesterday!!

hmmm.... no worries, I have reliable and resourceful contact persons for such things, and BINGO! Fiona directed me to Concourse and I'm so glad I make a trip there!
The Mask I found was CooL! Fabulous! Absolutely wonderful and apt for the Theme Masquerade!

And it only cost $2 made of hard matrials that i can just put it on without and strings attachment!

Shimmering GOLD! And they still have Shimmering Green! Almost wanted to get that too... Silver and shiny Carbon! Haa.. should encourage my team to use this as a theme! Cheap and simple , yet 'Elegant"! lol
One headache down....
Now... hmm... who is that gal...??


Anonymous said...

Hey Yongzhi,

Sorry cant help it but that is the mask jieying and the rest bought at the shopping mall near concorde tower..hahaha...i still have a silver one with me!!!
Enjoy ur DnD!!!

Eric Tan

esdee said...

haha i got those from concourse for halloween last year! yea cheap and good sia.