Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ahhh..... Beer Tasting!

Wine tasting?
Nothing new.
Plus cost alot.

Ever heard or tried BEER Tasting??
Haha... yeah, there'ssuch a thing as Beer tasting... and its FREE! lol..

Thanks to free event invitation from Lab Series.. Though it's just a marketing gimmick, but i think i benefit more from the BEER tasting and seesion more...

Besides Alcoholic Contents, beers are measured in terms of Bitterness, known as IBU (International Bitterness Unit).

Know what's a "Hand-crafted" beer? nay, not one use hand to make... but beers brewed in Small quantity...
"The Queen & The Mangosteen" at Vivo claims their beer are all hand-crafted beers.. true enuff, when i took a peek into their small little in-house"brewery".
Quite a number of Small little breweries look-alike container in a room...
Just liek wine tasting, look at the colour of the beer, look at the little bubbles rising from the mug (minus that swirling action), and smell it before you gulp it down..
Ahhh..... Taste Cool!

Got to try at least 7 different types of Beers.. IBU ranging from the very mild 20 plus to the close to stout level of 50 plus.
Well, not really full 7 mugs lah, just small serving each, like 50 - 100 ml only per glass.
Beers with Spices, with Fruity taste, and even with Dragon Fruit mix...
This is the first time I am enjoying beer more than any other days...
I think I found a new hang-out for beer......

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