Monday, May 18, 2009

好想好想- Change?


Suddenly it hits me..

I'm Kinda sick of the banking ops...
Kinda sick of the banking world and the whatnot...

Tempted to take up sales job.. probably something more pro-active and interactive..
Not service sales..
But product sales..
Say, selling "machineries/furniture & fittings to corporate customers?
Selling something tangible .

I think it should be more interesing to meet different people, company, and corporates..
Maybe thats the little pleasure that we lost touch with, amidst the enviable desk-bound banking jobs.

An ex-colleague did just that.. seems as though a big "sacrifice" to give up an enviable banking job at the front office, to pursue somethign she thinks more interesting...
I'm kinda tempted though....
Then again.... *sigh*

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