Monday, June 08, 2009

Enjoyed the weekend that just passed.

It felt like a race like no other.
Thou the team that went up north was small, but everything felt good.
Overseas trip is really fun, even tho i didnt showed it explicitly.
I wished I could live like that forever.... just doing what you like, care-free...

Was awed by the comercial posted by a friend on Facebook.

It's supposed to be a Hair Shampoo commercial, which I couldn't really see any tiny bit of link, until the final part... abit hilarious there though...

Well, must say its an inspiring and meaningful commercial.

More importantly, it brings across the message, not to see things at face value, don't stereo-type.

you dont have to be like this, and like that to belong to that genre of activities or surroundings.

Rather than asking: "Why am I different from others?"
ask yourself: "Why... ... do you have to be like others?"

*Hmm... I'm switching to pantene *

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