Sunday, December 06, 2009

Great "Buddies!"

I "stunned" for a sec when the question was posed to me;
"what do you do usually (besides work)?"

Cos I know my reply will be termed "no LIfe" in most people's mind.

Not really, to me.

I made 2 great buddies recently whom I spent my time with after work.

One is named "Gym".
He's been a fren/buddy for quite a while. But this year, he's been 不离不弃 spending the nights with me. Rain or shine.

Just got acquainted with a new buddy recently too.
His name is "Swim'.
I am begining to enjoy his company. He teaches me a new style, which i really enjoy picking up.
On days when I can't meet "Gym", I have "Swim" for companion.
Only flaw tho, appointment with "Swim" has to be cancelled if its a rainy day....

They have positive influence on me though. And definitely a "healthy" one on me, literally.

IMHO, I don't termed spending time with "them" equates "No Life", cos i am enjoying my company with "gym" and "swim". And they kinda becoming part of my "Life" now..
Like a drug, I feel uneasy if i dont get to see anyone of them for at least once in a week...

That's what I've been busy with recently.
At least , i know these are "friends" i can really depend on when i feel down.

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