Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hadn't had such a good laugh since don't know 曾几何时...

Broadway Beng this year was really really Hilarious.
I'm glad I'm a Singapore native Hokkien, to be able to understand this "beautiful" language with a really good night laugh...
great show.

Was having quick dinenr at Marina Sq food court (Food Loft), and it actually brought back some little nice memories to me.

At the same corner of the food loft, was where a group of us ocassionally gathers for lunch after trainings.
This evening, saw the same corner, occupied by a grp of PA WV DBoaters.

Seems like that is the only corner, ideal for a big grp, and with an unspoken language, that corner seems to be "reserved" for such groups "gatherings"

Reminds me of those happy times during lunch then..
Brought a silly smile to me at the point

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