Sunday, April 04, 2010

Are Local guys Hot Enuff?

saw an article recently on the topic (agian)
'Are local guys hot enuff".
Adn yet again, the contreversy surrounds the comparison between Local guys and Ang-mohs, and the local guys "dress-sense".

Ok, one undeniable fact, ang mohs "generally" have more defined features, thats 1-0 to the ang mohs.

Then, the never-laid-to-rest argument put forward by LOCAL gals on why Local guys are NOT hot enuff.
I.e., they commented in matter-of-fact, cos local guys dress too shabby, walking down towns in slippers, berms and t-shirts/singlets.
Not trying to stage a war against gender, but just my own thoughts on why some comments are unfounded nd non-supportive....
All i wanted to comment on this is, put yourself in the same shoe before making such remarks...
Berms and slippers and t-shirts can still make you look hot.

What are the Local gals dress sense in view of above context?
Isn't it also Slippers/flats wth short-shorts and skimpy t-shirts, spags and mistaching blouse ad t-shirts?
And do you think they look "hot" in such attire? Literally maybe.
And how many gals bother to put on make-up when in town?
How many who put make up, really put enuff to eccentuate their features?
My word of advice to them is :
learn a rope or 2 from the Taiwanese/Hong kees/ Jap ladies if yu want to make full use of make-up products.

So ladies, before you make that matter-of-fact comments that s'pore guys are not hot becos they dressed too shabbily, do a self-check first. how often do you take on a dress, unless at a 'grand dinner"?
It has become a 'sacred " piece of clothing to be tuged away in a ladies wardrobe... hanging there, seldom exposed to the light...
Dressing casually doesnt rule you out as hot. Even gals in plain jeans and t-shirt can be termed hot, its how you carry it off.

And yep, because local guys generally can carry off wearing berms and t-shirts well on the streets, and ladies, if you can carry it off with short-shorts , t-shirts and little make-ups, you can still be coined "Hot".

Hence my next question is : "Are local GALS hot enuff"... The answer is obvious, IF, you choose to put it in the above context.
Guys , whats your take?

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