Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I was fascinated by this little toy of yester-year. Though its form has changed over the years, but the element of fun still remains.

A Simple water-gun, never faisl to bring out the child in everyone.
Nowadys, it's a rare sight to witness children playign water-gun fight at void-decks and playgrounds. Compared to the years of the 80s. This was one of the "must-own" toy of every child.
In contrast, its the nitendo heand-held or some hand-held electronic gadgets.

Thanks to the recent BKK trip that coincides with the SOngkran (water) Festival, I witness the fun and laughters when one is "attacked" or "assasinated" by strangers on the street.
It felt like police-and-thief, but you dont know who's which and who's your ally.
It brings out the child in so many adults during the water fight.

Maybe one day, Singapore shoud have a day or 2 of "water festival" as an excuse for the grown-ups to reminiscene and enjoyed those simple joy from yester-years.
Afterall, Singapore strikes such a hot weather, and its justifiable for a day or 2 of declared "water days"

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