Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Finally after 2 years, I have left my first job since i graduated.

Have been desperately trying for a job switched since 6months back, and now finally the day has come...

Mixed feelings on the last day today as i bid my final farewell to my colleagues.
I thought it would be easy to leave, but the feelings were kinda 沉重.

All the colleagues and friends who have being showering great concern on me thru'out my stay.
All the sincere well-wishes on this last day.
Its really sad to leave them.
At that moment, i wished i could return to this familar place again the next day, and see all these familar and friendly faces again.... ='(

Come to think of it, i find myself fortunate to meet all these frens and colleagues.
no schemings, no obvious politics, showing so much care, concern and support.

Gonna missed them all.....


ecookie said...

hullo! sorta heard abt you leaving your job (finally!) from fi.

so glad for you! im sure you walked out of your ex-company learning something for sure. & hopefully, your next job will bring you to greater heights!

eeks, the above sounded very cliche hor??

One^Life said...

yeah! and thank though!
beginning to love my new job.
think really fortunate to land myself thsi job.
"Tih Gong " got "Boh Bi" me...
real lucky....