Thursday, August 31, 2006

LoNdOn, Again!!!

Finally found time to upload a tiny collection of my pics from London!

Due to inaccessibility to internet here, (yes, inaccessibility in LONDON, Can u believe it??!!), can only do so in internet cafe...

first up...

My first few days in London..
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Tower Bridge: night view!

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Part of WestMinister Church: Too impossible to get the whole church(incl. Big Ben) into one pic
p.s. Big Ben pic akan datang.....

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SE- W810i
Currently one of teh newer Broadway Musical: One of the MANY musical Theatre in London...
(gonna catch Mama-Mia and Mary Poppins!!)

Now a little bit o "reality"
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Not exactly my work place, but just a few streets down, is the company Canteen...
yes, its Only a canteen, and its damn cosy inside. Not to mentioned the price of food is subsidised...
BTW, cost of living here is extrememly HIGH! samer pricing as s'pore, but in terms of POUND!

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To serve as comparison, this meal is served in the RBS canteen, Burger (real huge Pattie! thou not very convicing in pic...)
for GBP3.65 (much cheaper than those u get outside)
i.e. cost SGD9.00 at least...

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Food served in Pub: their pub opens in the early noon, and yes, lotsa people drink at that time..
and the most common eateries u can find on London street are pubs, and almost all served decent food!
this is a person serving of Lasgne, and its suppose to be a cheap GBP4.65, as its on their "daily special menu"
its equivalent to s'pore's 2 portion...

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A pub near my workplace on a friday. and the time was only 7pm..
well, the pubs there are occupied from noon til night....
oh yah, their beer is real cheap... sometimes cheaper than Mineral water in the supermarT!

well, just a little pics from my trustworthy SE- w810i
more to come from Nikon coolpix4100.

Work has started this week, and its indeed a steep learning curve...
nevertheless, must still enjoy and tour ard london!!!

Seeya guys/gals !!


Anonymous said...

OMG! your stint in london is so FUN!!! Xian mu si ren le! If you are free on wkend, do take a trip to Paris. Or have u already gone there? Anyway, take the coach from Victoria Station, u will pass Dover,which is a damn NICE place before you cross the English Channel!!! hahaha... Enjoy!!!

peabrain_mokkie_atwork said...

ah!!! yongzhi u r sooo lucky!!! so glad for u...that u're in a new place now! hope u'll love this new job of urs! have fun!!