Sunday, August 27, 2006

London! I'm Loving it!

LONDON is cool!

Climate is good, ranging from 10 - 20degree celsius!
so, its like the whole country is airconditioned!!!

Being touring london street since touch down on 22nd Aug and still doing so now..

Oopppss...., did i mention I am supposed to be here for work??
hhaaaa, only been to office for 2 days... , well to be exact , its 2 half days in teh office...

London architect is awesome, of cos not comparable to many other european countries...
Hence, my plan IS to travel out of London over the weekend, and the FIRST stop will be SCOTLAND!!

Well, if budget permits,.... PARIS here i come !!!

oh yah, one thing bad though here, the internet server everywhere in London seems to be down!
3 days in hotel, server down, now in service apartment, also down.... so resort to using internet cafe.... :(

Can't wait to upload my photos of London SOOONN!!!

Shall continue my london street tour... and meet the Queen this weekend!!

London time: 19:44
S'pore time : 02:44


Anonymous said...

Hey! Are you posted to UK? Wha... so nice. I have always wanted to work there too. I miss LONDON too!!! Check out HARRODS! ha... I guess u get to see Tower Bridge everyday. Lucky you!

One^Life said...

yup! :)
The places great!