Sunday, March 01, 2009


Things are now picking up at work. Literally.

More more more stuffs to learn, appehend and perform..

Not complaining desoite the slightly longer hours sometimes, cos still find what i'm doing what I've been looking for.

Its rare to get a "good match".
Should be contended an count myself lucky for the time being..

Hopefully all these wouldn;t go away anytime unexpectedly....

Been piling too much activities on weekend, that i guess the body is begining to "protest".

Probably should blame it on the weather bah!

So fast its back to Monday liao...
Another 5 days of "no life" before the precious weekend arrives...

Been hearing and seeing all the hype on Channel U on this "mega-blockbuster" drama Serial sequel to be aired this coming week.

Out of curiosity, went to download and catch the season 1 episodes...
Indeed, its an interesting series.....
Nice! Who doesn't wished to be perfect?

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