Sunday, March 22, 2009

Longer Weekends, shorter weekdays: Perfect Formulae


I think i found the "formulae" to a "short" work week, and a slightly longer weekends..

Step 1: Start off the weekdays as normal, but cut the day real short by just turning in early.
Once you sleep, before you knew it, you woke up to a 2nd weekday!!

Step 2 : When friday arrives, get off early by "hook or by crook", and end the friday night Reeeeaal Late. works better if it drags past midnight on the clock...

Step 3: pull yourself (or rather, "entice") yourself to wake up real early on Staurday morning. eg, 8am. Then you have a longer Saturday to begin with....

Step 4: End you Saturday night real late, or just simply Nuah the night away. You get more satisfaction for nuah-ing away on a sat night then you gather from any weekdays night...

Step 5: End your sunday night late. Well, of cos, in a healthy manner. Eg, Nuah-ing in front of TV or Computer. Forget the "hang-over" effect to come on Monday.
Becos, Monday still sucks no matter how much sleep or rest you may have gotten on sunday.
Monday will always be Monday.
Face it, Shorten it!

And 'Wah-laaaa!", the perfect formulae for a longer Weekend, and shorthened Weekdays!

P.s., Results varies for each individual. Kindly consult your personal physician before taking on the above prescription.
It works well for me though... Hehhee....

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