Friday, April 17, 2009

$53 Char Kway Tiao

Chicken rice at over $20 per plate is not new to many singaporeans.. Thanks to the Chatterbox @ mandarin Hotel.

Today, I tasted a $53 Char Kway Tiao..
I tried to skip expensive Jap food (that ironically would cost less than $20 bucks for a meal), and decided to go for cheap $3 Char Kway Tiao....

Ended up, the price become more Premium than the infamous chicken rice.
Not beocs there's Alaskan cockles in it.

But just normal Banana Leaf Char Kway Tiao at Maxwell coffee shop.
Yep, its SGD 53 for a plate, or rather, packet of Char Kway Tiao.

Oh.. its exclusive... It dont normally sell for $53.
Just that today, there's a darn "Fatimah" around that area.
So, the price of my Char Kway Tiao shot up to $53....

I HATE "Fatimah!!"


IKFA said...

who is fatimah?
ohhh i know...u didnt put p_r_i_g c_u_o_?

no wonder from $3 become $50...

or am i wrong?

yInZ said...

hahahaha.. yongzhi!!

ur char kway tiao eat till very heartpain hoh ..

One^Life said...

yeah or.. am notgona touch Ch Kway tiao fo rthe next few months."Bad memories..." =(