Wednesday, April 29, 2009


許冠傑 - 浪子心聲
I always feel that this is a very "Malaysia Song"... Suits the mood bah.... Laid back, 70's , "traditional", 无忧无虑。 。 。 

A Short 3 D 2 N getaway to Melaka and Genting was really a deserving and 划算 one.
The wonderous Melaka food and an eye-opener for me, who has never steeped into a Casino nor Genting for over 29 years...

My fave is still Melaka...
Thank God its only 2 hr drive from S'pore, now i have more reasons (excuses) to drive up north just forteh food and of cos, the NIGHT MARKET!

Oh yeah, and the Fish spa/foot reflexology..
My first time trying that too...!
So shiok... and cheap... No need to fly all the way to get the fish spa, just RM50, it includes 45 mins of fish spa + 1 hr of foot reflexology.
Really damn shiok after walking one whole day/night!

Famous Melaka Chicken Rice Ball! Tho this one is not from the famous stall..., cos the famous one only opens for lunch...that's chicken rice ball, not fish-ball)
Photobucket I just loved their nighht markets.. Remins me of teh old Taipei style 夜市. Of cos, all Cheap cheap!
The streets of night market is very vibrant, thanks to teh many building at the back-drop. Also, Many "Huay Kuans" having Karaoke session at the same time.. This town , or rather , street, comes alive at night!
shiok, but ticklish....
What i like best, is that even after the night market has ended at 12-ish, thats when the Pubs along teh same streets packs the alley. Very cosy al-fresco and good 'ol fashion pubs, with local live bands. One side playing the ang moh songs, just opposite plays teh canto ones ...

Up To Genting on Skyway!!
My First time again, taking a Cable Car.. Believe its a longer ride than S'pore, and damn cheap lor.. 5 Ringgit only....
Onward to the "Gambling Den"! It's a Guys thingy.... hahaa
My yet another "First time"... at the Gambling Den....
Hmm.. A bag full of $$$$ . Cos we want to win back one Casino.... I got beginners Luck!! hahaaPhotobucket
看到了! 看到了!! 人间仙境!!


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