Monday, April 20, 2009

Pissed off.. + a Lousy song of the century

Damned pissed with Citibank internet banking.
Am I the only Suay one?

Have to resort to typical "Singporean style" to vent my anger...
Now i understand, why Singaporean likes to complain..
Cos it makes them feel better.. And probably, get things done.., their way....

Email Extract to Citibank:

I am getting kinda fed-up with the late charges being imposed only delayed monthly statement due to the inability to view my statement at my convenience over the Internet-banking facilities whihc i subscribed to.For the past few months, whenever I tried to make use of the advantage of Internet banking to check onmy account statements and payment due for each statement, which i am usually only free at night from 11pm onwards.Am I so "lucky" to be stumbling upon the site when some maintenance is going on?
For many ocassions, I have been rejected by the website wheneve i tried to view the account statement to get an idea of mymin payment for each month.Over the many attempts for the past months, whenever I access the site at btwen these particular time 11pm - 1am, without fail, i will received the below error message, 7 -8 out of ten times.

View Statement

Sorry. We are having some temporary delays. Please try again later.

It's kinda frustraing when online banking is spposed to provide 24hr ease of internet transaction.Only when my luck is good, would i managed to access my statement on certain days.
Can you please look into this issue, as it has resulted in finance charges being incurred when I dont have the ABILITY to access my statement..?Isn't internetbanking supposed to served as a convenient tool for people like us to have the freedom to do online tansaction aytime of the day?
In the end, I felt that i am short-chabged, a victim of internet banking, with finance charges being piled up on me when i dont even have this accessibility to view my statement for the min payment arrangement.
I believe my April statement is due for my credit line, UNFORTUNATELY, I am denied access to view the statement!
I would not be pleased if i were to be slapped with another month of finance charges, when Citibank internet-banking facilities have a part to play for this delay in transaction..."


This is a damn corny song.. Corny lyrics..
I catergorise it as LOUSY song of the century...
machiam those spoof re-make of song lyrics that you used to get in the uni days thru ICQ. (yeah, my uni era was ICQ), only that those songs then, were much more "entertaining".

This one, kaoz... makes you cringed when u hear it.
It's like a very very wrong and failed re-make chinese version of Air-supply song..
Trust it to be performed by 2 supposedly very well-known singers... Kaoz... I think they are desparate to get some money encashed, that they are willing to perfom this kinda sngs?? Lyrics is dam corny lor.. Like a primary school students pen it.. No, I think primary school student may pen a better one...

Switch off your radio when you hear this.. Damn LOUSY... Is there another vocab to better describe it? I think "lousy" is too nice a word for this...

Oh, and the corny title too...

You translate that, "Love you might as well Love the sea"
I think it sounded much more like, "Love you migt as well Love Shanghai"

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