Saturday, July 18, 2009


Woke up to a nice melody rining in my head.
Don't know how this song came about to me in the morining. Maybe I dreamt of something related to it?

Then the mood was totally changed when i read, or rather , browsed thru' the papers in the morning.
Read abt a 'bad' news on the newspaper headlines.
Damn pissed off with the news..

ermm.. not the Jakarta bomb blast.
Maybe bcos its no longer a "rare" sight and happenings for hotels to go off by some perverted mind-twisted individuals who bombs for fun.

These people are sick, and should die by having the bomb ignited even befoe they can go near anyone. Best, the bomb dont kill them immediately, let these suicide bomber suffer by losing limbs and slowly bleed to death.
Thats what they deserved and loved it , dont they?

Ok, forget about those sickos...
making me sound like an even sicker person.

Whats more annoying in the news is some idiot(s) who claims noble and abuse the public's kindness, sympathy, and cash, indulging in self-enjoyment.

What The F***.

Using donations for own gains. Buying properties, living the "atas" life, and even go DIVING!
Matbe even providing for another man.

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