Saturday, July 25, 2009


chance upon a little article in the newspaper, which leads me to a blog of yet another budding young local director.

What drew me to the article first was the headline.
An unusual one which surprises me...

南大澄清误会 学生接受
To me, i considered it the news of the century here in Singapore...
Graduating Student/Director Loo Zihan very directly lash back at the NTU "censorship" board during convocation in his valedictorian Speech just recently.(uncensored)
Result: NTU "calrifies" or rather "Apologies"??
That's a first i supposed.
Not that i have anything against NTU, definitely not when They were the one that issued my piece of Degree..
Impressed at the speech.
Just becos of a big hoo-ha over a poster for his thesis film by the NTU board...
I guess his threshold of tolerance has been violated, hence the fabulous speech..!
Full article in Chinese
Article in English

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