Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I stayed under the shade for the whole of last weekend.
Something very unusual for someone whose weekend never fails to be busking under the Sun.

I chose to be "under the shade", in a bid to get more quality rest.
Quality rest translate to no strenous activities, and gyming takes place in a shaded air-conditioned surroundings.

Sounds "pampered" yeah?

Ironically, when the clock struck 10pm on Dear Sunday night, a severe headache hit me.. Or should I termed it migraine to give it more "justice"?
Those that you would normally get for being under the hot sun for long hours...
I don't think the flourescent lamp in my house is that strong...?
By just "Nuahing" on the sofa for 4 hours, a headache can develop?
Ironic isn't it? All that "trouble" to avoid the sun and "strenuous" activities for 2 days in a bid to get more rest, all I get was a plaguing headache that disturbed me throughout my sleep.
Had to curb it with Panadol the next day morning to keep it at bay...

Isn't it Ironic, don't you think?


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