Saturday, November 07, 2009

10:30pm 的飛機場跑道

Witnessing flights takes off and landing one-by-one at such close proximity can be so fascinating.
Hearing the thunderous roar of the air-crafts' engine can be so "high".
Trying to identify the different airline can be so interesting.

Seeing so many makes and models of air-crafts in such a short duration can be so entertaining.

"Flight-watching: can be such an enjoyable "past-time".

I didnt even realise its over an hour spent, literally clinging on to the gate, trying to get as near to the runway as possible.

Only crazy people like us can spend the friday night, watching these aircrafts at Changi airport runway, landing...., taking off.....

ahh.....It soothes even the savage beast...

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