Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great Expectations

I learnt and I experienced for myself, expectations and disappointment are directly correlated.

This year SRR, not as a rower, but as a coswaint for the Team.
It was partly a promised I made to myself anyway, last year, when the unfortunate occurs.
Why not we cox our own boats.
No more wrong lanes, no paddle fights.

As a paddlers , the expectation to perform and win races are high.
And when these expectations are not met, the disappoint are high... if not higher...

As a Coswaint, the expectation are different. You want the boat to have the least drag, the "straight-est" course and the motivation to the paddler. You feel great when the boat glides.
With that, there are no more regrets.
The Team "flew" the boat, the feeling was great.

While, I made it , and promised fulfilled.
I Cox, no wrong lanes, and I must admit, the boat was awesome powered by the Paddlers from Team P.A.Ls (Paddlers Against Limits)
Of course, being out of touch with the paddle and water for 3 months, there is no reason for me to be paddling...
That adrenaline , from coxing the boat alongside the other 4 boats side by side for the full 300m, it certainly was as "high" as paddling alongside these teams as a paddler.

No doubt, this team has turned stronger, slowly but surely. 3 heats, we were fighting seats by seats for the full course. In National open Categories.
That's better than sex!

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u want to. we want u to. come back.