Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dreams - 2

12 FEB 2005 (Saturday)

Wat a way to start my blog. well, all becos of a wasted wait for a Mobilisation being "90% sure" activated. Well, that's SAF for u... make u wait and wait... and wait in VAIN!

One whole afternoon waiting for that phone to ring, with my full battle order all packed and ready to go, but it didn't materialised. Damn.

That means next saturday will be the "real" one. aargghh,.... 2 saturdays wasted just like that!! %$!^&*#@....

Oh well, shall blog on sometime "happier".

11th FEB 2005 (Friday)
yes...., went back to work, and to my surprise, the MRT was as empty as a weekday 10am 'crowd' instead of the usual "let me in the train, pls move in..., i'll be late if i don't get into THIS train..."
The Vocabulary "Lunch-Crowd" does not applies on this day at Raffles Place (the heart of S'pore Financial activities). Seats were so easily "reserved" with the usual " 不起眼 " tissue pack.
One bonus for working today though, since majority of the companies were closed for holidays, work in the office/banking hall was soooooo "peaceful". How wonderful if everyday were to be this way!!! Nothing to do, so managed to leave the office early at.... 6:45!!! Yeaaahh!! To make my day even more 'joyous', was that my boss allows me to take 2 days leaves for a long weekend this coming week! YES, YES!!! (well, taking leave in this coy is not as easy as anyone thought, especially for someone who's still on probation...)

10th FEB 2005 (Thursday)
Today is a Special day For me!! haha.. not becos its 2nd day of the Lunar New Year, but becos I can drive a car without the need to display the 'P' Plates, LEGALLY!!
Anyway, i nvr displayed them throughout the period when i am required to whenever i drove... hahaha
Not becos i wan to break the law, but not worth it to spend over tens of dollars for 2 Triangles when placed in the car, kinda blocked some of my view... lol! Furthermore, by not displaying those triangles, I can avoid been stereo-typed and kena overtake countless time or being horned by other "experience" drivers.

Of cos, today's also the day where the usual lot of us went to fiona's house for some new year celebration! the usual snacking and gambling. Well, my luck was indeed good, only that it takes a turn for the worst as the night wears in.. lol Anyway, Its all in the spirit of fun, not so much of the money won or lost. If not for work the next day, i could have stayed longer.. cos i realised i havent snacked enuff at her house!! hhaa

p.s. At this point in time, I am addicted to this cranberries's song, Dreams. That explains why i am reluctant to take this song off my blog....All thanks to the heavy advertisement by CitiGems. As mentioned earlier, It's a highly successful commercial!

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