Saturday, February 05, 2005


Dreams - The Cranberries

"... Oh my life
Is changing everyday
In every possible way
And Oh my dreams
It's never quiet as it seems
Never quiet as it seems..."

Liked a particular commercial by Citigems that's been excessively played on TV mobile and on the TV recently.

Why? Cos it stars 2 of my fave mediacorp chio bus! i.e. Fiona Xie and Joanne Peh! and the "story depicted by teh commercial is excellent! Instead of the usual Guy get jewellery for gals or gals posing around with shiny diamonds, this commercial brings in the element of great friendship and links it very well to their product..
Not forgetting the theme song used for the commercial... none other than that playing in the background now.

Back to blogging..

4th Feb (Friday)
First time visit to wala-wala, and it was a 1hr queue before admission into this popular water-hole along holland V. Well, abit of disappointing for me though, cos i was actually looking forward to a Live band with a female lead singer. Don't know why, but i just like to hear female singers in live band, especially when they take on songs by Cranberries, No Doubt and the likes of them. After all, ladies still have much pleasant vocals.... lol

5th February (Saturday)
An eventful day
Sort of. The day started late at ard 11, cos took the chance to sleep longer from the late night stayed up. Did a very "Chop-chop" shopping at an ADIDDAS boutique in Orchard OG, after i failed to find the desired ADDIDAS apparel at Queensway. (I am beginging to love ADIDDAS apparels, due to its design, colours, logo and most importantly, the reasonable price range in sports apparrel). Then off to meet up the seller for a
V3 Bluetoth Headset that i bidded off the Yahoo auction at half the normal retail price. Well that was after another "Chop-chop" window shopping ard PLza Singapura, where I Located, Yes, an Asics Boutique there with all items on SALE!!! Damn, i gotto control my budget now, so i just had to tell myself to wait til my pay day before I can spend anymore... hope the sale will still be on when that day arrives.. *pray* *pray*

Time is tickling away too fast, and i need to get to NTU for my weekly fix of volleyball games with my Vball khakis which comprises mainly former grads from NTU as well as some foreigners. The sun was really scorching hot, but dont know why, it rained just as heavy as the sun shone. Fortunately, the rain died off after an hour, and we STILL managed to carry on with our games.

Actually comtemplating to catch the movie "
Finding Neverland" on this night becos of the review as well as the story sypnosis from the newspaper. They warned that tears will flow when u watched teh show. A sad story? that's my kinda movie.. haha. Well, the last movie that nearly wet my eyes was an italian movie,"Life is Beautiful".Another worthy movie would be "The Pianist". After a great dinner chat with my vball khakis at boon lay market, i realised i couldn't make it for teh movie. Must make sure i catch the movie tmrw!!! Even if it means Alone! Well watching alone may be better, at least no one will catch me with tears rolling down, IF the movie can do what the reports claim.

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