Sunday, June 19, 2005

Adidas Product "Endoser"

After I stepped out of the House today for a Vball session @ SPANS Clubhouse (It's INDOOR COURT TODAY!!!), at Toa Payoh.
I realised i have unknowingly become an Endoser for Adidas Apparels!!

First up, my red Adidas Jersey

Next is the Adidas Black Shorts.
The fabric for this particular "model" is really good and comfy!
My fave pair so far! Moreover, it's not easy to find it in stores...

An adidas sports bag
There's a short tale to this bag, which i kinda regret getting it too soon...
It was a new design in stores then, so i get it and the price was very reasonable. <$30 However, weeks later, i spotted more colours for this model "sprucing" up. One flaw for this bag is.... The sling is too short for me (i guess for any average person too), that's why i have to carry the carrying handle over my shoulder instead of slinging it... Shoe-bag is also from ADIDAS!!
These shoe-bag has an even interesting story to tell.
Bought it during one of the hall bazzar back in the U.
Well, the product purchase then was secondary... the real intention lies with the seller then...
as the saying goes, 醉翁之意不在酒。

One thing though, my shoe in the shoe bag is not from Adidas though.. haha.. else i would be a true blue endoser....
P.s. and anything else u don't see in the pics that i have on me, are NOT adidas labeled too.. heheh


BabeThePig said...

Ah Mr Adidas,
Jusr so you dun waste money.... Since you're a cheapo... A Lot Like Love is not exactly worth your $9.50 ba strictly speaking. It's a movie which you can wait for (the rental video).

One^Life said...

haha.. got it!
Thanks for the info... :)