Friday, June 17, 2005

Project 超级星

Don't be mistaken.

That photo is DEFINITELY NOT me. (i'm not blessed with his looks.. hehe)
That's my fren who made it to the top 24 of the Channel U Project Superstar.
Helping him to garnered more votes so that i can get a treat in return... lol

Project Superstar: Local Chinese Version of "Singapore Idol" sort of Contestant.

So if you all like his performance, do vote for him.
ermm.. vote even if u adore other contestant. hehe...
he will be performing on 22nd (Wed) among the first 6 male contestant.

Jason, Chen Guo Qiang.

Judge for urself.

**p.s.., hope Jason saw this blog "advert" and know how to “做人” **

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