Sunday, November 25, 2007

They perished in the name of their Beloved Sports

It's sad how their lifes were taken away.
Heart-wrenching when you came across their profile online.
Exhibiting their young lives which has to be brought to an end abruptly.

5 young lives , full of dreams, energy and passion, ended overnight.
They may not be related to anyone of us, they may have never crossed our path.
But it seems so close when it hits.

They were great sportsmen to the nation,
great frens to those whom they knew,
wonderful sons to their parents,
loving boyfriends, husband/husband-to-be of thier other half

and rowers who will be remembered by everyone in the Dragon Boat fraternity.

We shall grieve, but bearing in mind, these 5 paddlers perished in the name of their beloved sports. They lived their dreams, passion, and they brought along with them, these dreams, these passion.

ys remembered...

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