Friday, November 30, 2007

Tribute to Stephen,Boon San, Jeremy, Reuben, Wei Cheng

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I'm sorry if reading my blog these past days gets you all depressed.
But an avenue for me to express how I really feel. why supress your emotions?

Read the news again today.
Words from Reuben's father touched my heart and I believed, that of many others present....

"We are thankful we have him for 23 years because we have 23 years of memories
in our hearts."

"He's not in heaven yet, because if he's in heaven and if he's looking down now seeing his father crying, and his mother and grandmother so upset, he will not want to be in heaven. And heaven will not be heaven,."

And from Jeremy's brother,

'All five of you will have to take care of each other from now on, just like
what you did in life as a team.

Being a fellow Singaporean and a paddler, I regretted I was not able to send them off on their final journey.

I hereby, pay my tribute to Stephen Loh, Boon San, Jeremy Goh, Reuben Kee and Wei Cheng, with this humble blog entry...

To their family members, friends loved ones, and all those who loves them....

Be strong, they will always live in thy memories...

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