Thursday, May 29, 2008


A self-declared and "certified" procrastinator.
No doubt about it.

Finally started my hostel accommodations booking for upcoming Hokkaido-Kyoto-Mt Fuji-Tokyo trip, on Monday.

and fortunately, managed to get them all "reserved", including the 1.3L Toyota Vitz for the Hokkaido road trip. Yeah....!

Wouldn't say i have a "fool-proof" planning..
Infact, missed a few pointers and thus, wasted some travelling time...
hmmm.. see how bah... Gonna be another great backpacking experience this time..

Road-trip Hokkaido cum Backpacking Kyoto-Mt Fuji- Tokyo.

Am so looking forward to the road tip in Hokkaido.. self-drive and the wonderful scenery.. hope they turned out as the pictures and in "Japan Hour".

Label me a Japan-fanatic, cos its already the third time going to japan within 10 months!
Haa.. cannot blame me, Japan is too big to cover all at one good and in one season...
Some more , the food just beckons me to go back for more..!

Can't believe I managed to come up with a transport/accomd itinerary in just couple of hours.. ahha
At least that makes things more organised...
What's left is just teh places to go within the cities..
Well, that would be my travel buddy job, and also base on our "Male instinct"
I.e. - Go where the heart please....
Tha's my terminology for "Backpacking"!

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