Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm Lovin' It!

走过 - 辛晓琪Saturday
How time flies.
Yesterday night we were celebrating CY's birthday over a dinner gathering and our "infamous" cheong-ing session, but the venue is not mambo zouk this time, but DragnFly. Nice place!

Its amazingly shocking.. That, 7 years ago we just got acquainted under "One Roof" in Hall 9.
Reminiscene the yester-years of fun and fenship during the hall days. nolstagic Nostalgic!
And its already 7 years on!
That really shows how fast time passes once we stepped into the reality of the concrete jungle.
But am glad that its 7 years on, and we could still talk like those uni days.
Nothing seems to change much.
Thanks to everyone who make the effort to keep this frenship going on with the regular meet-ups and gathering, amidst everyone's busy schedule.

Its a scorching hot sun today. Felt as though the rays are penetraing through my skin when i stepped out of the house.
Not to mention that 12-2pm sun under the Kallang water.
But must applaud the efforts from every team-mates who made it down for trg despite teh "unkind" sun.
No Doubt a "draining" session, but its once again, one of the (many) meaningful, fun-filled and endurance trg session!

Then went to my corporate trg session at 4, after like missing it for 2 weeks...
Damn tiring one after the other, but felt it was worth it.
A good "cross-training" between the afternoon team and the evening corp team.

One seems to complement the other.
Strokes emphasis and endurance trg in the early noon session, then endurance trg again and competition sets in the evening.
Think I'm "hooked" to them liao...

Shamelessly, ".. I'm lovin' it..." lol

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