Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sony Ericsson....

something about SE handphonoe just drew me to them....
I just can't change to another non-SE phone.
If you like music, they have the 'W" series.
If you like to take picture, you have the "K" series.
If you like the 'solid' type, they give you the "T" series, and of cos, many more other family series..

Just added another SE to my 'collection'..
Got it at $0, by just renewing my contract.. hehee.. Cos i wanted a 3G enabled one to be used in Japan. Getting it for 'free' is a bonus..
After owning two realiable and 'no-regrest' W series, i tried this 'T'series..

Haha.. believed it or not, before i got the "T", am utilising still both W810i and W580i.
Now with T650i, hmm.. how to juggle with 1 sim card?
but all 3 just attracts me in a special way, and serve different function well.
If I can have them 3-in-1...

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