Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phiten Racing Series

Finally got an excuse for myself to spend extravagantly on this little wonderful 'equipment'.

Had the intention to get it after June race as a reward, but the results doesn't justify the spending...
With the satisfying results from July CCG, I got a damn good excuse (ahem: "reason") to pampered myself to this long awaited "reward"!
Actually intended to get another model less 'intimidating' in terms of price...(I could get an oakley with that price tag) but then again, beautiful things just attracts me... nonethless, its "power' is much higher..
haha.. I choose to believe it works for that price tag...
If i were in Japan, I could well get this at half price... But I can't wait to lay my hands , or rather, neck, on it...
I'm hooked to these like gals hooked to diamonds..
but at least this "thing" has health benefits hor... Or I choose to Believe?

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