Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank You!

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The Date: 12 July 2008
The Day : Saturday
The Time : 8:00am
The Venue: Bedok Reservoir
The Event : Corporate Community Games - Dragon Boat Race
The Team: RBS Dragon Boat Team

A smaller scale Dragon Boat racing event, that involves corporate Teams, mainly Banks and Other corporate Organisations in Singapore.

14 Mens Team (10 crew) competing for the Men's Category, and 18 Mixed Team(10 Crew).

A day that will go donw in my history with pride and glory.
A small achievement by the Team, but its a testatment of the Team's committment, hard work, and more importantly, the Team spirit.

We were ousted after the Semis in the recently passed SDBF June race for the men's and clilnched a Bronze for the Women's.

After 2 weeks of intensive trg and sheer determination (determination to win as a Team), we were back in this Corporate Arena, and Clinched not one, but 2 Team medals.

RBS DB Team Clinched the Mens 10 Crew Champion and the one of the Mixed Team garnered the Bronze.
The joy and achievement does not lies in the title.
But the process of getting it.
It was filled with adrenalin, fighting spirts, Team spirits, Trust and beliefs.

The men's Gold was a roller-coaster ride "journey".
Got through the heats as a 2nd placing, but the performance was disappointing. We all felt we coudl have done better, but the body just too stiffs..
First race of the day is always the toughest and the worst performance one.
Never expect, our Semi race was even worst and disappointing... 3 secs longer than the first race...
That puts us up against 3 Exxonmobil team in the finals.
I't looks like they are sure to clincheed the 3 metals colour for this category...
Being the 'underdog' in the Finals alongside with Keppel-lite, the Team was determined to glide past them all.
It's not wishful thinking, it's not baseless "hope", but you see the determination in everyone's eyes.

You see it in everyone's stroke.
We pushed off well, power and speed, and we tell ourself never to be left behind, or that's teh end...
in less than 82 secs, Team RBS Men's Team killed all 3 Exxon.
I know it sounds cruel, but that's the greatest joy in the win. We "killed' all their 3 chances of a gold medal.

The synergy of Team work, it was great, it was wonderful, it shows...
Thanks for the first medal, and making the colour shines....

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