Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Swear" it again... !

Farking Saturday..
MOre precisely, Fucking planning of the self-proclaime "Decisive Force"
Damn freaking In-decisive and Inefficient.

Lousy planning, stupid initiative, and fucking redundant delays of time..
Fucking waste of tax-payer money especially at a recession time like this.

Called the "decisive-force".
It would better be coined as IN-decisive Force.

Idiot.. somethign that CAN and HAS been completed withing 8 fucking hours, and teh so called (in)Decisive-Force" just dragged it on for another 7 fucking hours.

And what do you do in that fucking 7 hours.

Fucking sit in the concrete Multi-storey car-park and rot your fucking time away.
thats how fucking regulars uses hard-earned tax-payers money and sit on it just like that..
Fucking idiots...

If there ever was a award for the most indecisive, inefficient, most redundant work and lousy planning to be presented, this damn self-proclaimed "Decisive Force" is first to none.

imagin just lay down on multistorey carpark for 7 hours doing nothing, when i could have gone for a More useful and meaningful (at least to myself) purpose at the OCBC cycling event.

Damn pissed at the thought of it. Fucking mobilise at 5pm and release only at 8am.
Missed the 40km cycling event that i have been looking forward too for months....

Even got my Racer bike for this event. Then this fucking mobilisation has to killed everything...



yInZ said...

i was thinking what can make u so angry.. hahahaha..

I guess MINDEF is your greatest enemy now.. hahahaha...

One^Life said...

indeed... never liked it ever all these years man... Zzzz...