Monday, February 09, 2009

不管有多苦- なかま(nakama)cup 2009

不管有多苦 - 那英





One of the better weekend thus far..
If there could just be an extension of 6 more hours to each of Sat and sunday, I think that would be the perfect weekend...

what do I loved most for the just past weekend?
Needless to say, spending time and more time with my "first-Love"!

"I'm BACK.....!"
My Hand have recovered liao...!!


Damn shiok, damn Happy, damn 爽。。。!

To add an icing to the cake, did very well for the small scale volleyball competition.
Though only 6 teams, but can get to top 2 vying for champion not bad liao... hehe

Somemore, 80% of players are like 21 years old of less lor..

So, the phrase still stands, "姜还是老的辣!"
hmm...,.. dont sound very nice with the "老" word.*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

If i got more time, then could have stayed on for the finals.. too bad lor..
Why one day (especially WEEKENDS) , only got 24hours...
Anyway, still very very satisfied.
either 1st or 2nd lah.. Happy enuff for me to "暗笑" in my sleep... hheheehe..

*sigh*... I missed those days when I dont have to worry about getting up late (reeeaaal late) on Monday for work...
Ironically, when i have the luxury of going into office at 4pm on MOndays (for 2 Years!) , i hardly 'utilise' it..
Now that have to get in by 9am, then I am so deprived of my sunday night sleeping hours..... -_-"

周末玩得太“激烈”, 星期一会很辛苦的咯。。。。。

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