Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double Life

How amazing some people can live 2 Lives, and gone un-noticed.Or majority, because it's gone "unnoticed"?

Doesn't it excites you if you could lead a double life and gone unnoticed?

Double Life, i.e. 2 lifes, 2 you, with contrasting characters, but still the same One biological you.
As though Living in 2 world, with 2 different sets of activities, goals, objectives?

What's the main "motivation" that gets one into a double life scenario?
Curiosity? and Addiction thereafter?

Or was it a choice?
Because Life is short, you live once, so you wished to live in 2 different "world" in one lifetime...
What about Multiple lives?
Can you juggle it?

Sounds exciting isn't it?
Make sure you can handle it...

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ikfa said...

just be yourself and everything will be fine