Monday, July 18, 2005


"Crying Out Love in The Centre of The World."
This is indeed a tear-jerker. Very touching movie and romantic one too. Catch it and you will find it worth the $10 bucks for a movie. Another one of the great Japanese Movie of the year, 'Crying Out Love in the Center Of tHe World" is a Must See, Must Watch Movie!

P.s. It's an 'Exclusive Showcase" screening only in Cathay Cineleisure. Btw, it's 2hrs and 18mins long. U might say, it's another sad love story. However, the way their love story was potrayed is one of its kind. Very Creative, very very touching. Go Watch IT!


Off Peak Car (OPC) Scheme aka Weekedn Car Scheme enjoys:
1. An upfront rebate of $17,000 to be offset against the following items:

(a) COE Quota Premium
(b) Additional Registration Fee (ARF)

2. A flat discount of $800 on annual road tax, subject to a minimum road tax payment of $50 per year.


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hi mama...

One^Life said...

well, who else could this "boy" be except my 84mm Commander!!

Welcome Aboard!!

Anonymous said... mama...yah..nvr knew u r such an active blogger...n i seriously believe u r enjoying every min of ur blogging session...continue to enjoy man...:)

One^Life said...

well, always believe that a blog helps to keep ur frens updated on how you have been doing, since people hardly get to see/meet one another often...

Probably when u decided to do the same, do update me of ur blog too! lol.

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