Thursday, July 14, 2005

The POwer Of MediA!

Don't under-estimate the power of media/propaganda.

It can make or ruin a person.

  1. Propaganda/Paparazzi killed the People's Princess of Hearts 9 years ago.
  2. The media in one way or another, transformed a small island from a third world to an almost first world country appox. 40 years ago.
  3. Propaganda has lead to the downfall of Philippines President, Gloria Arroyo.
  4. The Media has soured the relationship between the China straits.

    What can we learnt from just some of the examples cited above?
    The Media is not somebody to mess with.

Apparently, a "known-to-be-philanthrophist" CEO doesn't understand all that, and trifle with the media.


He loses all his "peanuts", made the public lose confidence in Charitable organisations, implicate the needys....

Despite the fact that the Board may have stepped down, but what's the use if the new Board with a new CEO that still draws "Peanuts Amount" for his/her annual salary?
Stepping down or not doesn't solved the matter.
Look at the core problem and solved it.


On a lighter note,
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BabeThePig said...

And that you could prolly get tap water which is also drinkable for FREE?

Your faithful Reader.

One^Life said...

hmm.. only flaw.. it's not portable... ;)

Thank You for your "patronage"!